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Creator of Sparkling Wines since 1884

Enter the world of Veuve Amiot and discover the story of Elisa Amiot, an avant-garde woman.

A visit to our troglodyte cellars will take you into the fascinating world of sparkling wines from the Loire.

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Immerse yourself in the heart of a site in operation since 1884. Discover the story of its founder, Elisa Amiot and hear about her story and her ambitions.
Your visit will take you closer to the production and the wine making “méthode traditionnelle” will no longer hold any secrets for you…

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The story of Maison Veuve Amiot really began in 1884. On the death of her husband, Elisa Amiot decided to take her destiny into her own hands and on April 10, 1884 founded her House of sparkling wines in Saumur, helped by her sons and son-in-law.
Even today, proud of our rich heritage, we pay particular attention to helping you discover our cellars and our fine sparkling wines.

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Veuve Amiot is committed to the environment

Our Commitments

For several years now, Veuve Amiot has been committed to respecting the environment and our vines are classified as High Environmental Value. Our Clos Elisabeth is undergoing conversion to be fully organic and the first organic vintage will see the light of day in 2023.

Respect the environment

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