The meeting of the Good Living

affiche bv 2024


10 April 1884… 6 and 7 April 2024…

For its 140th anniversary, Veuve Amiot is launching its season opening event, which will also be an opportunity to celebrate its birthday!
During this event, our Maison de fines Bulles will honour its founder and the women who shape wine in their own way:
2nd edition of the Rendez-Vous des Bonnes Vivantes: women’s wine fair.
Throughout the weekend, come and meet the winemakers of the Loire Valley: fifteen exhibitors present in our cellars.
True postcard of the Loire, you can find the greatest appellations of our terroir: Saumur, Saumur Champigny, Chinon, Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil, Coteaux du Layon, Anjou… From sustainable agriculture to organic farming and natural wines, winemakers will be able to present their approach to winemaking.


NOMS DES DOMAINES et Participantes
Domaines des Passereaux – Isabelle Esnault
Domaine de Nerleux – Amélie Neau
Clos des Cordeliers – Marie Françoise Ratron
Élodie Dézé
Domaine de la Pérée – Azéline Delarue
Domaine des Justices – Sophie Kurdziel
Domaines des Giraudières – Marion Roullet
Château de Minière – Lucille Tremblay
Les Jardins Fleury – Carole Kolher
Les Vignes Herbel – Nadège Herbel
Domaine de la Commanderie – Clothilde et Honorine Pain

And other precious beverages…
Les 2 Brunes – brasserie artisanale – Claire Huguenot et Gwenaëlle Gaignard
Bloom Soul- spiritueux – Colline Jullien
The dazzling slogans of the badges of ” La Maculée Conception” : Périnne Lohé

The Maison d’Elisa will be open exceptionally for the occasion: enter the history of our founder in this emblematic place with timeless charm.
Surprises also await you on this anniversary weekend!

Opening hours: 10h – 18h

Free admission

You will find of food trucks during the event

Veuve Amiot