Halloween at Veuve Amiot – The Treasure of Black Claw

affiche halloween 2023

As every year Veuve Amiot invites you to come shiver with fear in its cellars for Halloween!
This year, the pirates are honored with an «Escape Cave» for the big Saturdays and with a treasure hunt for the little ones and their family on Sundays all day long.

Find our two new events:

Saturday 28 October – Adults (from 18 years) 5pm to 10pm – 7€/pers – Departure every 15 minutes per group of 10 people. (If more group, contact us)

– Before Elisa founded her Maison de fines bulles in the Veuve Amiot cellars, these places were the lair of the ruthless pirate of the Loire, Griffe Noire.
The galleries hold macabre secrets … Today, despite the prestigious fame of Veuve Amiot, a curse hangs over his cellars and on the occasion of Halloween, the spectre of Black Claw and his victims resurface, in search of redemption for their tortured souls.
For intrepid visitors who dare to enter these obscure galleries, a dark destiny awaits them, plunging them into an endless nightmare.
They will have to face different tests in a race against time, so as not to wander eternally in these cursed depths, where every step can be their last …

Sunday 29 October – For the whole family (from 6 years) – 10am to 7pm – Departure every hour – 7€/pers.

– Dare you find the treasure of Black Claw, the ruthless pirate of the Loire?
A thrilling treasure hunt, the cellars are full of mysteries to solve.
An adventure full of surprises awaits young explorers! They will have to work as a team, use their creativity and explore the dark and secret corners of the Veuve Amiot cellars to succeed in their quest and win the legendary treasure of Black Claw!
An original creation by Aurélie Derussé

Practical information:

Only in French

Saturday, October 28 – Adults 5pm to 10pm – Depart every 15 minutes for groups of 10. (If more, please contact us)
Sunday 29 October – For the whole family (from 6 years) – 10am to 7pm – Departure every hour
Information and booking: 02 41 83 14 16 – visites.saumur@veuve-amiot.com or directly on our website: https://www.veuveamiot.fr/visite-de-caves/reserver-votre-visite/
Reservation only – Bubble Bar and Photocall
Single rate 7€/pers – We reserve the right to request an ID for each service.

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