A traditional wine makers

  • 1871

    Armand Amiot set up a company for wine trading in Saumur and then bought a business which made sparkling wines. This was the start of our story.

  • 1884

    This date is the real start of the Veuve Amiot company.Two years after the death of her husband, Elisa Amiot took over the reins of the trading company and changed its direction. On 10th April 1884, she set up the sparkling wine company Veuve Amiot.

    A woman with strength of character; intelligent, dynamic and ambitious, she set herself a challenge in line with her high standards: to develop and spread a prestigious Saumur wine recognised throughout the world.

    Helped by her sons, she quickly developed the reputation of Veuve Amiot.

  • Entrepôt Amiot


    The Amiot business grew with the construction of large selling spaces and spacious cellars.  At this time, Elisa Amiot bought the adjoining property above the cellars, in order to create gardens for her workers.

    In parallel, the infrastructure of the region developed with the installation of the tramway that served the large wine houses of St Hilaire St Florent.

  • Ecole St Maurice


    Blessed with exceptional humanitarian qualities and conscious of the well-being of her workers, she made  a number of benefits available which were even more unusual for that time:

    The creation of a school for her employees' children (St Maurice School) . This remained open until just recently for local children.

    The creation of a creche for the youngest children of the workers.

    Payment of child benefits.

  • Jules Amiot


    Madame Amiot died on 23rd July but the business stayed in the hands of the family under the management  of Elisa's son Jules 

  • 1926

    The reputation of Veuve Amiot now extends beyond the borders of Saumur : from the Far East to the equator, from Madagascar to New Zealand - our success is now present across 5 continents.

  • Vignoble 1991


    Veuve Amiot decided to plant vines on the hillside - an area where workers had cultivated gardens to pay hommage to our founder. This small parcel of vines is where we harvest of our most prestigous wine  « Cuvée Elisa » which has won several national and international wine competition award

  • Nowadays

    Still proud of our heritage and all its riches,  we are delighted to show you around, visit our cellars and let you discover the history of this great wine house: Veuve Amiot.