Our commitments


Maison veuve Amiot, is engaged to a environnemental approach since 10 yeas old.

The House focuses today to adapt and anticipate the making process with the apparation of the second environnemental policy since 2014 where the main axes are :

- 100% respect of regulatory requirements

- The amelioration of the management of water

- Knowledge improvement about the energy consumption

- Establishment of the carbon balance of the activity

- Improvement and value of waste sorting


Since 2007, the companyis certified IFS and BRC for elaboration and processing of sparkling wines.

The standards IFS and BRC are beseline elaborate by mass dictribution recognised all around the world. They synthesize te requirement to satisfy in therms of secirity dietary, traceability.

Otherwise we registred in an amelioration approach to garantee the quality of the products ans services faithful to engagement.

We make sure an excellent control of our process by specific monitoring procedures and target actions from HACCP risk analysis.

The supply chain is also in the heart of our concerns and we realise a close monitoring of our suppliers by audit and strict test plan determined by our vulnerability analysis.

Each step of elaboration and processing, our collaborators record used consignements of feed materials. We have for each ands products, leaving from our establisment a colete traceability folder linked by a batch number write on the bottle.

It is therefore possible to know in a short period the exhaustive composition of a bottle, the historic of production and the entire data until the arrival to the costumer.

In order to garantee the quality of our products, we ensure the regulation ans specifications conformity of the products at each step.

All along their progression in our winery and during their packaging, our wines are analyzed by our in-house laboartory ans taste by the oenologists ans experts.

This system, by the quality of tracking, helps to ensure the customer and consumer satifaction.

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